Pastor Robert Laymance has been our Pastor here since 2015. He listens to the Holy Spirit to guide him deep into the scriptures to find and show you things that you probably have never seen before. His expository preaching is typically energetic and to the point and typically follows an alliterated style.


How do you see how good a product is before you buy it? Or see how good a restaurant is before you eat there? You look for what other people have to say right? Our church members are very vocal about what they think about Emory Gap Baptist Church.

  • I have been attending Emory Gap Missionary Baptist Church since I was probably 3-4 years old. I am not quite sure how my mother found the church but she took me every Sunday Morning. I got saved in that church on the front row after service when I was 9 years old, and was baptized a few weeks later. The church has always been a loving and caring church. We all treat each other like family. Most of we are a praying church. I have seen God work many miraculous things through prayer at Emory Gap. After I got saved I had two main prayer requests from then on out: for my dad to get saved, and get in church; and for my future wife, that most of all she would love God as much as I did, and many other things. It took almost 10 years before I saw those prayers answered. I didn’t meet my wife until my senior year of high school. She was everything that I had ever prayed for. And when I was in college, I was juggling travel to and from school, working full time, and going to school full time. This not only hurt my church attendance, but my mother’s as well. She didn’t like going to church alone. God decided to intervene and work on my dad’s heart. My dad got saved and joined the church, and he has been a great gem in the church as he has grown in the church, and progressed from the man he used to be. If you go there today you will see me, my wife, and both my parents sitting together in the pew I grew up sitting in.

    Member of Emory Gap Missionary Baptist Church


So you have learned a little bit about my pastor, heard what our members have to say, what more could we offer online? Since June 2015, we have offered our sermons online so that you can listen at your convenience. This does not substitute for church attendance, but instead provides supplemental listening on top of your church attendance. Whether you are: faithful to another church, but still want to hear more preaching, bedridden and cannot get to a church, wanting to further study sermons you have heard, or sharing them with friends and family.

Currently the website is not up to date and is several months back. As time goes on we hope to have sermons updated weekly.

Below you can listen to our 10 of our most recent uploaded sermons.


You can come visit us at:

Emory Gap Missionary Baptist Church
120 Poland Drive
Harriman, TN 37748

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday School – 10:00AM
Preaching Service – 11:00AM

Sunday Night Service

Prayer Room – 5:30AM
Preaching Service: 6:00PM

Wednesday Night Service

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